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Marlinspike Skills

Marlinspike Skills is a supplemental training course
for adults who are interested in
learning more about knot tying. The course is held at Camp
Belzer in the Crossroads of America Council in the
Indianapolis Indiana area.

The Marlinspike Skills class is based on learning
how to tie many decorative knots along with a few
practical knots. You will also learn some great
teaching aids to use with your Scouts.

This course starts on Friday evening and is completed on Sunday
afternoon. The course is usually held the first weekend in March.

The cost of the course covers all the material that you
use and take home with you, cracker-barrel on Friday
and Saturday nights, three meals on Saturday and two
meals on Sunday. Snacks and the usual Scout drinks are
available at all times. You also receive a handout with
detailed instructions for all the knots. Staff and learners
stay in heated cabins in the camp.

The class is taught by Scouters who are experienced
instructors and seasoned knot tyers. Learners benefit
from the one to three teacher to student ratio and
hands on instruction.

The classes are small, 15 learners.
This is an unusual course in that class A uniforms
are not allowed, the dress is class B or C. There are
no ceremonies except the graduation. Music is
always on and we have real spare time at which you
are welcome to enjoy the staff displays and library,
practice what you have learned, take a hike or
whatever you wish.

MSI is the first class that  you take. If you are interested
you can take MSII if you are talented. Here you learn
a few new knots and learn how to put them together to
make key fobs and landyards.
In MSIII you are taught how to make a small ditty
bag and learn the Pineapple Knot. After that, you are
invited to join the Alumni Group.

2019 Marlinspike Skills

2019 Marlinspike Skills

Participants and Staff 




Alumni Group



Sunday, May 05, 2019


The following is a list of the knots taught in in the course.

Constrictor Knot
Lanyard/Diamond Knot
West Country Whipping
Sailmakers Whipping
Needle and Palm Whipping
3x4 Turks Head
4x3 Turks Head
Eye Splice
Eye Spice In The Middle
Flemish Eye
Wall Knot
Crown Knot
Manrope Knot
Matthew Walker
Double Matthew Walker
Ocean Plait
Monkey's Fist
Star Knot
Tangle Knot
Square Knot
Crown Sennits
French Hitching
Moku Hitching
St. Mary's Hitching
Ringbolt Hitching
Running Ringbolt Hitching
Double Hitchings

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Knot Photos

Constrictor Knot.

Ocean Plait.

Tangle Knot

St. Mary's Hitching.


Monkey's Fist.


Turk's Head.


Eye Splice.

3 Strand Cockscombing.